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Welcome to Avon Collectible

This is your number one resource for information on Avon Collectibles.

You’ll find information about fashions, watches, Cape Cod style dinnerware and much more.

Look around your attic or garage and you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised that you already have some collectibles.

Avon collectibles is a fun, inexpensive hobby. There are new collections coming out every year as well as older Avon bottles, plates and toys that you can find in thrift stores and garage sales. Typically the collectibles will include a certificate of authenticity. The collections can also be branded or licensed products, numbered items such as Avon Steins, seasonal/sentimental dated items, or items designed exclusively, internally, by Avon”.

You don’t have to invest a lot of money to get started collecting. Read our articles on beer steins, jewelry and clothing.